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"Revision of electrical Bratislava"
Electrical safety is a priority of our work.
Services offered:
     Earlier, the periodic inspection of electrical equipment / VTZ / - revision of industrial buildings, family houses, apartment buildings, banks, schools, spas, hotels, restaurants and other establishments
according to the Decree MPSVaR č.508 / 2009 Z.z. and other related.
     Our company offers only the highest quality service in the field. Do not hesitate to use our quality services. Our professional staff is always at your disposal.
     Our advantage is constantly improving and improving our services. The proof is the growing number of satisfied customers.
     Our company supplied labor consult each other and are implemented rapidly within the agreed deadlines, required quality, the final prices, to the satisfaction of our clients.
More than 30 years of experience in this area.
Minor deficiencies identified in the review tests
free to remove.
We reserve the right not to provide internal information about our clients.
Revisions tin g o d i s a o u
Revision p r and i d e l n s
Review and inspection of lightning and active
Review and inspection of electrical installations and wiring
Review and inspection of electrical machinery and apparatus
Review and inspection of electrical hand tools
Inspection and control of lighting and lighting equipment
Review and inspection of electrical appliances, computers and office equipment
Inspection and control of security and camera systems
Review and inspection of photovoltaic power plants
Inspection and control of wind turbine power stations
Inspections and checks hauseboat
Service listed equipment
Computing technology - hardware, software


Elektrotechnické a telekomunikačné inštalácie

24/01/2013 09:36
01-Obsah.pdf (521,8 kB) 02-Právne predpisy a normy.pdf (508,5 kB) 03-Projektovanie a real. el. instalácii.pdf (1,4 MB) 04-Základné princípy a požiadavky.pdf (3,5 MB) 05-Dimenzovanie vedení sil rozvodu.pdf (2,5 MB) 06-Charakeristika verej. distrib. siete.pdf (3,4 MB) 07-Rozvádzače a rozvodnice.pdf...


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ETsl.pdf (2,1 MB)


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Instalacia - Ján Koller.pdf (207,3 kB)

Prípojky elektrickej energie

04/10/2012 15:16
Prípojky elektrickej energie.pdf (135,7 kB)

Prečo je nutná potreba obnoviteľných zdrojov elektrickej energie ?

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oez.pdf (4,5 MB)


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http://ecobio.sk/ekoprodukty http://www.ecoprodukt.sk/   

Revízie zabezpečovacích a kamerových systémov

21/08/2012 10:44

Fotovoltaika a veterná elektráreň

14/08/2012 21:26
Princíp fotovoltaiky a veterných elektrární.pdf (241,6 kB)  

Revízie v karavanoch, jachtách ...

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Revízie v inteligentných rodinných domoch - bytoch

25/06/2012 06:49
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